Litter and Litter Trays

Natty Cat

Cat litter for your meowing furry family member!

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Oz-Pet Cat and Pet Litter

Product no.: OZL100

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VIP Price: $18.95
In Stock

Breeders Choice Quality Litter 30 litres Large Bag

Product no.: BQL100

VIP Price: $20.25

Oz-Pet Cat Loo Kit

Product no.: OZP100

VIP Price: $92.10

Oz-Pet Cat Loo Sieve Litter Tray (Biege/ Biege)

Product no.: CAT3012

VIP Price: $88.30
In Stock

Oz-Pet Cat Loo - Hood to fit Sieve Tray (Biege)

Product no.: CAT300

VIP Price: $55.05
In Stock

Kitty litter Tray with Scoop Yellow

Product no.: KIT235

VIP Price: $7.55
In Stock