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Dry Food for Cats

Holistic Cat Grainfree

The healthiest diet for your cat… naturally.. .. Cats are the ultimate carnivore, a meat eater by nature, they craves a diet rich in meat, poultry, or fish protein. Holistic Cat is grain-free and gluten-free – the perfect formulation in satisfying your cat’s carnivorous cravings and nutritional needs. Holistic Cat is blended with additional prebiotics to help make it highly digestible and nutritionally sound, Holistic  Cat grainfree+ diets instinctively keep your cat active, alert, healthy and fit.

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New Evolution Holistic Cat Healthy Skin and Coat 3kg

Product no.: NXT733

VIP Price: $36.01

New Evolution Holistic Cat Digestion and Hairball Control 3kg

Product no.: NXT734

VIP Price: $35.95
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