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We may ask you to provide an identity confirmation before we accept your payment. Note: We *can not*  accept payments for security reasons over the phone by VISA or MasterCard.



  • When placing and receiving an order please make sure that the product(s) you are ordering will fit the purpose of your order. All product sold by Pet Usuals are sold with manufacture warranty. Our liability is limited to the amount you paid for your order. Please inspect the goods for any visible damage before accepting from the courier company. Please do not accept the goods if they are damaged or do not fit your purpose. Please contact us immediately otherwise your returm may not be processed.
  • In the case you were supplied with the incorrect product you should contact us immediately and we will arrange a replacement free of charge to you. Please note that the incorrect item should be return to us prior the dispath of the replacement. We will only accept the goods for all returns if they are in resellable condition: unopened, unused, undamaged and are still in the original packaging.
  • From time to time the equivalent  products can be sent to you as the replacements of the unavailable for any reason original products at the time of purchase. Those products are will not be considered as the incorrect prodcust and must be returned to us under our policies before we can start to process any returns on them.
  • We reserve the right not to accept any returns for frozen food due to the perishable nature of the product(s).
  • In the unlikely event of the computer error in relation to your order we reserve the right to adjust the final costs before we accept your order for dispatch. You will have an option to cancel your order with the full refund or accept the adjustment if this will be excersised.
  • If you just changed your mind or purchased an incorrect product you can still return or exchange the item. We accept returns within 14 days from the date of your purchase. Please contact us first as we do not accept cash on delivery option whatsoever. We may offer you a credit note equivalent to the amount you have paid less replacement item cost, less handling fee and less the delivery fee or any other fees. All return shipment charges are responsibility of the customer and will not be refunded. We reserve the right to refuse to accept your claim if we find at the time of inspection the returned goods are not in resellable condition.
  • No returns may be accepted on any food or treats in solid or a liquid form sold and with manufacturer's warranty due to strict health policies.
  • We cannot offer any refunds or exchanges of food, treats or any edible perishable products or items that are opened due to strict health policies.
    Please always make selections carefully and double check that you are ordering the correct items before submitting your order.
  • Items returned after 7 days may not qualify for a full refund or partial refund, or may be subject of an extra restocking fee. We will not accept returns beyond the return window, but if do after we expressively confirmed this to you we may legally charge you a restocking fee.
  • If the returned item was a Special Order product a restocking fee of 25 percent will be charged unless product is defective or prohibited by law.
  • For all orders paid using one of the payment methods the refund policy is governed by the approved third-party payment system policies and in some cases only credit note to your account with us can be offered irrespective of the circumstances in which your order has been placed or received by us.


  • In all cases please contact us first. All refunds are issued by the manufacture for the cost of the bag. All return shipment charges are responsibility of the customer and will not be refunded. We will contact manufacture on your behalf and we will let you know if your claim has been accepted. After that you will need to return the purchased goods to us to the following address: Pet Usuals, PO Box 387  SPRINGWOOD, 4127 Australia. You can also bring the goods to our office desk in Springwood, QLD, by pre-arranged return appointment only.
  • Please note that the goods will only be accepted if the following conditions are met:
  • It must be in the original packaging
  • the bag should still remain at least 90% quantity of the full bag
  • you must supply your name, phone number, order number and the confirmation of the payment transaction.


The confirmation of received order will be sent to you via email. Please check that all details are correct. In the case of any errors please contact us immediately.
If the order has been already prepared and/or dispatched to you and you have requested a cancellation of the order for any reason it may be a subject of an extra restocking fee
and extra delivery charges.


In some cases when the ordered product is not available we reserve the right to replace the product with the same or similar type and / or equivalent  total
weight if applicable or to the similar product free of additional charge for the products replaced to you. We reserve the right to send to you a coupon with the difference
in value if the value of the replacement product is less than the value of the originally ordered product. We reserve the right to send to you a coupon with full amount of the products
if the refund can not be processed for any technical reason not depending from us. In all cases the products sent to you will come under manufacturers warranty and you expressly agree
that you will have follow with the manufacturer on any possible differences of the products. If the difference in price of the equivalent replacement product is less than five dollars the difference
may not be given back to you in some special cases or in the cases of some old orders.


We will ask you to provide your Order Number, Customer Number and other details when you are collecting your order. The proof of purchase (e.g. the original copy of the receipt printed out or in the form of an electronic copy) must be provided to us by you when collecting your order. We will be unable to release the goods without the proof of purchase which clearly states the order number. If somebody is collecting on your behalf, we may also ask in addition to the proof of purchase for the ID of the person who is collecting your order to be recorded by us. After you placed an order for collection all collection orders are processed during minimum of 24 hours unless you are notified by us otherwise.


We take security of your payments very seriously. All payment transactions and checkout are encrypted. This ensures that all your personal Credit Card details are processed securely online. No credit card data stored on the website. Pet Usuals makes sure to give absolute security to our customers in their dealings with us. Our e-commerce system uses Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL) to ensure your shopping experience is secure at all times. SSL locks all information passed from you to in an encrypted envelope. This makes it impossible to be intercepted by an unauthorised party, as long as your browser and local network support the use of encrypted data transmissions. SSL is used by all reputable e-commerce sites.



  • In order to keep your status and continue receive VIP discounts you have to make a purchase once in 60 days otherwise VIP Membership Status may be revoked.
  • VIP Cards are shipped together with the first order of pet products only. The one off VIP status setup fee is non refundable.
  • Cards issued on annually basis (applicable to certain cards issued in a period from year 2012 to year 2016 only) must be paid for once you continue to use them for the next year. Your credit card will be charged automatically usually after the first order in the beginning of the new annual period.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without any notice.


All complaint must be submitted in writing to the following address: Pet Usuals, PO Box 387, SPRINGWOOD, 4127 Australia. The letter must contain the return address, the nature of your complaint, your full given name, your contact phone number and your email address. Please note we may choose not to respond to you directly. We take all complaints seriously and will respond within 28 working days.
*We reserve the right to change any part of the above information at any time without a prior notice.

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* This information may change at any time without notice