Dr Billinghurst BARF - Chicken 2.72kg (12 portions)

Dr Billinghurst BARF - Chicken 2.72kg (12 portions)

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2.72 kg per box = 12 paties of 227 g

Dr Billinghurst's R.A.W. BARF is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for restoring animal wellness. New improved packaging.

Dr. Billinghurst is passionate about pet health and he knows that most of the disease processes which afflict modern pets are due to poor nutrition. Dr. Billinghurst knows that modern processed pet foods are responsible for most of that ill health and he has the simple but powerful solution to this problem... That solution is called the Evolutionary Diet.

The practical way to feed your dogs and cats their evolutionary diet for a long and healthy life. Dr Billinghurst's R.A.W BARF is a biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) for restoring animal wellness (R.A.W) available for DOGS and CATS in an assortment of flavours. The philosophy behind using BARF, or the hypothesis on which it is based is that the diet a dog evolved to eat - over many millions of years of evolution - is the best way to feed it. This is the hypothesis accepted by most modern zoos or any zoologist concerned with preserving a species of endangered animal. It is not the theory endorsed by pet food companies or the people they train - and that includes unfortunately - most vets.

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