Canine Country Random Mix 12x1kg

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Canine Country 12 kg mixed meats Value Box© can consist of random picked items in any combination from the following list :
  • 1 kg rolls B.A.R.F. (composite white, composite red, fish blend, inner health,  etc)
  • 1 kg rolls value meats
  • 1 kg portions B.A.R.F. (composite white, red, fish blend, inner health, mince beef, roo, chicken, lamb etc)*
  • 1 kg turkey necks
  • 1 kg chicken necks
  • 1kg duck wings
  • 1 kg roo tails
  • 1kg chicken carcasses
  • 1kg roo tail frozen
Value Box© may include Composite White Barf, Composite Red Barf, Aussie Barf, Duck Barf, Turkey Barf, Mixed meat value rolls, Chicken Mince value rolls, Chicken Necks, Turkey Necks, Chicken Carcasses, Roo Tail, Chicken mince portions and so on. Products included may have bones.
Best value mixed box! If your dog loves food variety this mixed box is for you!
NOTE: We can not guarantee the number of certain items in the box. Items picked randomly. The numbers of each type of product in the box may vary each time.
Please do not ask to put more of one particular flavour than the others. You can always add separate flavours and options to the shopping cart to one's liking.

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